Monday, February 25, 2013

Hold on and never let go...

Not sure I ever posted anything about my journey to even become an Amsterdam Mama, but today my favorite parental resource website Amsterdam Mamas has posted my story on their website. For those of you, who don't know this resource, please check it out, it is full of very useful information and even more full of support in the often lonely world of being an expat mom. You will see, once you are a part of the group, you are never alone, we are all in the same boat! So check out my guest post!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

What have the Dutch done to Big Bird?

Look how pitiful he looks!
I was shocked when I sat down with my kids to watch Sesamestraat, the Dutch version of my beloved Sesame Street, starring Big Bird. You know the big yellow bird who taught you that L-M-N-O-P was not one letter.

So you can imagine how appalled I was when this big, blue depressed bird named Pino comes on. What the H-E-L-L have they done to Big Bird? He looks like the drag queen version of Big Bird: flashy blue feathers and girly eyelashes the size of my head.

And he has such a little part on the show. Maybe I am not remembering correctly, but I always saw Big Bird as the main character, everyone's friend! For me, he was the coolest character on he show especially since he had Mr Snuffleupagus as his "secret" friend! But now, he is so different, I guess even Snuffleupagus doesn't even recognize him (Snuffleupagus is nowhere to be found in Holland) .

And they changed his name...Pino...what a terrible name! I think about a tiny, little peanut when I hear this name. It doesn't have presence like Big Bird!

Big Bird, the leader of all muppets!

Big Bird, the giant bird who is loved by all on Sesamestreet!

Big Bird, the bird who is big!

Also, I guess after stripping him of his identity he has become depressed and withdrawn. He hardly ever appears and when he does he kind of blends into the background (of Broccoli trees) with his head hanging low. I wouldn't be surprised if he was suicidal!

It truly broke my heart to see him like this and for my children to see him like this was even more heartbreaking. The thought that they would never know the greatness of the world's smartest, and most fun loving Bird of all time. The big bird with a big heart...The Bird who taught me that Apple starts with "A" and that the color "Red" is for stop!

Thank God for kids will finally get to meet the real Big Bird, in 3-5 working days!

UPDATE: Last night this Big Bird imposter Pino finally got a lead part on the show. He sang a solo about how funny it is to say poop and fart out loud! Big Bird would be so ashamed!!