Monday, December 19, 2011

Papa has a penis, his pee is strong!

Yes, another penis story. It seems to be a hot topic in our house lately. Matter of fact, not only the house, but they talk about "The penis" in the supermarket, in the car, on the street and every toilet trip with mama.

But the conversations go way beyond, wow, papa has a penis and mama has a long butt crack. I know I should teach them vagina, but I can't bring myself to that point yet. Besides, they are not interested at all in the long butt crack aka vagina. Anyway, the conversations are mainly about how strong papa can pee with his "big strong penis." The conversation goes like this: "Papa is SO strong because he has a PENIS and he pees SO strong, so much stronger than mama pees, mama's pee is not strong because she has a long butt crack."

Ok, I take this personally. So what are they really saying, papa is stronger in general because he has a penis? They can't be, they are only 4 and 2 years old. It has to be a misconception babies are born with. It has to be. I am the strong woman of the house, I am the pillar of the family. Or at least I thought I was. If they keep talking about how strong papa's penis is because his pee is so strong and loud, then I will begin to doubt all of my efforts to be the mama I want for my kids.

I even caught myself trying to pee really hard the other day for the little toilet critics. It was only when Luca said "Mama, are you in pain" that I realized what I was doing and stopped the madness.

This too will pass, just like every other stage in their lives. I just have to be patient and bite my tongue. Soon my day will come, when my daughter will be trying on my bras hoping for boobs like mama! And she wants to be strong like mama!


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