Monday, June 4, 2012

Milking Mama

There is a lot wrong with this picture! When a preggers friend of mine sent me this link to the Medela freestyle breast pump to ask my opinion, what was left of my nipples began to ache and my ovaries shriveled, taking all the remaining eggs with them.

What kind of advertising is this? First of all, personally I was told you should only milk one breast at a time. Second, she looks like a human cow. Why would they show her standing up like this? Why not in a realistic position, like folding laundry while the baby sleeps or vacuuming? What mother has time to walk around the house all skinny and perfect drinking a glass of wine while she pumps.

Obviously she has a cleaner because her couch is poo, pee and vomit stain free. I think I still have vomit stains on my couch from 2 years ago. Who knows...I don't have time to even check.

Ok so maybe its water in her glass, but then don't use a wine glass in the ad. And if I had to wear this milking machine, I would be taking vodka shots to forget the fact that I looked like a cow!


  1. true true - this is insane! And I'm not digging the sultry expression on her face, should be more like revolt/anguish/weirded out...

    1. HAHA Ellen! I was too shocked by the ad I didn't even notice her facial expression. Very misleading for future mothers!


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