Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why the world should stop worrying about Zwarte Piet and see what's happening in Dutch McDonald's

Are you wondering what in the world could be more important than ending one of the most anticipated Dutch traditions for millions of non-racist children? 

Well take a look, canines are taking over the Dutch McDonalds.

This is an outrage! Call the UN! Someone needs to put a stop to this while we can. 

And to top it off, the McDonalds staff are feeding the dogs, welcoming them with McTreats! 

I am sure the McDonald brothers are rolling in their graves.  I am sure when they opened the first McDonald's restaurant they never imagined such a thing! 

Besides, the staff don't hand feed me McNuggets when I come to eat. It's discrimination people, I'm telling you before you know it our kind (human) won't be welcomed anymore.

What is next with these Dutch people? 


  1. I'm now imagining a scene where someone is being feed McNuggest on a lunger by a McD employ while two others fan them with palm leafs. On a side note I am also offended by boy bands and want the UN to ban those.

  2. AHHH the UN should def ban boy bands! I am totally with you on that one! BTW, congrats on being a runner up in the blog competition and your new blog page, Love it! I tell everyone who just moves here about your birthday circle post and T-shirts. They are great going away gifts!!

  3. McDonalds iserves "food" fit for I could care less.

    1. True Kevin! It's so bad my kids don't even care about going!

  4. Oh this is so funny- your comparison of the Piets, UN and McDonalds feeding dogs. And that line about discrimination! Sooooo clever. NOT.-clara


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