Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birth control

Two days without sleep. Two miserable sleep deprived long days. And its a job that requires 24/7 full time duty. There is no time off until the day you die and i am sure even when you are in heaven you are still worrying about your children. Once that little screaming piece of meat pops out, life as you know it, is over. Over. Nothing is yours anymore. Not even your thoughts. Because every second of the day you are thinking about your children. Every decision you make leads back to how it will effect your child. Yep you are a slave to the life of mommyhood.

But then one of the thousands of seconds that you waste in a day staring at the face of this little wiggly blob, you just happen to get a glimpse of yourself. Whether it is the way your babies toes curl to the right or the way she sleeps with one hand behind her head. You see yourself. Then its too late, your heart is eternally imprisoned and you begin to live.

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