Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why I think my son is the next van Gogh

I know, it oozes talent
Am I the only mother who could stare at something their child created for an hour?

God, I hope not. I hope I am not the only mother mesmerized by some drawing or clay figure their child has made.

No lie, when my five year old draws and colors one of his pictures of a shark eating a fish, I swipe it up from him like an original Monet and just marvel at his talent until the screams of “Mommy give it back” bring me back to reality.

When I look at his pictures I see nothing but brilliance. I see a story, his imagination spread out on a sheet of paper. My heart becomes all warm and fuzzy and I can feel the tears well-up in my eyes.

Now granted, if you or some other random person saw this picture then you would probably see a round blob with sharp teeth chasing other round blobs.

But I see a great white shark with his enormous killing power chasing a school of tuna through the raging sea. God my son is a genius!

Nothing you can say about these scribbles could ever change my mind…Nothing…ever…

And the thing that intrigues me the most is that I created this little person. I grew him in my belly, he came out looking like an alien and the alien grew into a little boy who is able to create such treasures.

I think that’s also why I collect every single drawing he has ever made.  I can’t even imagine throwing one away in the bin. It would be like throwing a little piece of him away, like an arm or a leg.

Ok, I am beginning to sound a bit Psycho-child-obsessed-Mom. And maybe I am, or maybe I am just so in love with my kids and hope that one day they believe in themselves the way I believe them.

Either way, I am just gonna keep on snitching these drawings from my son and plastering them all over my workspace. And I’m dying for my daughter to start creating masterpieces…the laundry will never get done then!


  1. My grand kids came to visit and the six year old is quite an artist. She left me with some water colors. I cut them out (flowers) and made her a birthday card. Sent it to her and she was quite suprised. Kids are fun and a joy but it is nice when they all go home. I can tell I am getting old.

    1. Thats a great idea to make cards out of the art work! I will def try it. I also saw somewhere online where you can send all of the kids artwork and they make a scrapbook.

  2. Another great idea is to have a doll made out of a drawing:
    I think they have something similar in The Netherlands as well.
    I believe it's brilliant, and an hommage to your kid's creativity!

    p.s.: he does draw very well for his age!

    1. I really have to find someone in The Netherlands that does this. Otherwise i order one when I am at home this summer. What an amazing idea! Thanks, now some of my guilt will be gone!!


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