Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Not-perfect Mother

Mother's Day is extra special day for me every year. No, not because my kids "honor and appreciate" me the one day out of the year designated to do so for your mom. You know the lady who pushed your big watermelon sized head out of her body after almost two days of labor. 

Who was the smartass who came up with celebrating mom one day out of the year? Everyone gets a day, even freaking secretaries (nothing against secretaries).

Ok, I am getting off my intended subject for this post, but seriously, what a jerk because we should be appreciated every day!

Back to the subject, so I was saying why Mother's Day is special to me and that is because I was told I would never be a mother. And through some miracle I am a mother, a mother who looks at her two miracles every day and thinks how lucky she is to be their mother. They take me on so many adventures and show me a world I would have never experienced had I not been their mother.

Sure, they are weird and not the most well-mannered kids in the world. They are far from perfect, just like their mother. 

Which brings me to how my son gave me the best Mother's Day gift ever.

Last night we were talking about my daughter spilling the same drink two times and I said, "Don't worry, no one is perfect."

And that is when my son said, "Yeah mama you are not-perfect either, but you are the perfect mother for me."

I melted and told him he was so right and I loved him. What a relief, he wasn't putting me up on some pedistal that one day I would eventually fall from. He accepts me for who I am. Wheww!

Then I thought maybe he heard this in a movie and was just repeating back what he had heard.

But of course at bedtime we were all getting our PJ's on together (we are camping so there is only one room) and my son asks why do I have to wear a bra. I say stupidly to hold them up because they are so heavy. 

So they want me to put them on a scale to see how many kilos they weigh. Then they tell me that one is bigger than the other, therefore, it has to be really heavy like "10 kilos". I told you they are weirdos.

I just laughed and agreed because yes I'm the Not-perfect mother and I love it lopsided boobs and all. Happy Mother's Day to all the Not-perfect mothers!

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