Friday, October 30, 2009

Waste Disposal Manager

As most people know being a mommy that stays at home with the kids all day often feels neglected, taken for granted and most importantly unsuccessful. Yeah, yeah you have these beautiful children you have created with hopefully someone you really love, blah, blah and all the cliches. But sometimes the cliches are not enough to get a mommy through the day. Dont get me wrong, i love my two beautiful children. Not to mention i thank God everyday for the opportunity especially since just three years ago, they told me i would never have kids. And like a lot of mommy's i have a career that i think i am half way successful at, but why do i not feel success when i am staying at home all day (on maternity leave) and molding the lives of my offspring. I will have to ponder this one for a while...

In the meantime i have come up with a solution on how to create my own success. As CEO and manager of my household i have found a way to tangibly measure my success. Forget all the touchy feely stuff that comes and goes with the wind. I thought to myself what was the one thing i could put a number to...Poopie diapers!

I dread them. I hate them. I will trade favors with my boyfriend just so i dont have to change them. Some days i spend the entire day scooping poop with these flimsy wipess that when combined with poop smell like a dirty hooker.

This is it! I will give myself the title in the Tanner/Blommestein house as Waste Disposal Manager and each day i will count how many poopie diapers i change. Maybe if i put it in black and white, i will feel just an inch of success in my job as a mother.

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