Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do...

If I thought of my day as a montage (you know the montage you see in the middle of an old 80's flick), I would only see myself in various shots with my mouth wide open screaming "Noooo, No don't do that, Stop." And in the background I would hear the song Bad Boys (from the infamous show Cops) playing over and over. The montage would end with me putting one kid in bed and the other in time out. Then the closing shot would be me collapsing on the couch with my face stuffed with chocolate easter eggs and I would be so tired that rivers of chocolate would be oozing from my mouth.

Ok, this could all be true except I never get the chance to collapse because as soon as I do, someone starts crying or jumps on top of me. But yes, I do feel like a bad cop, all day everyday. I am constantly on toy patrol or walking the beat in the playground.

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