Saturday, April 2, 2011

Big one like Papa...

It all started last week when Luca said he had pain in his pee-pee. Not knowing I was about to get the shock of a lifetime, I asked him to show me. Well what happened next was not what I expected, lets just say it was inflated.  My baby boy, my baby, baby boy...I just didn't expect this kinda thing at least for another 12 years. I just said "if you forget about it, then it will go away" and he moved onto a new subject. Wheww, thank god.

Then my worst penis conversation nightmare came true today. While getting he was getting dressed Luca said "Mama, I want a big one like papa." So I said "Luca, dont worry, papa's isn't that big"...just kidding, of course I didnt, but WHAT was I suppose to say. Im not suppose to be having these conversations, thats daddy's job. I dont want to know these things. I began to freak out a bit and blood rushed to my cheeks. I dont want to have penis talk with my three year old. Am I suppose to say size doesnt matter honey...or just wait one day you will have a very big one. I don't know, I don't have one. How am I suppose to know.

So I said the first thing that came out. I said "Luca if you eat your vegetables you will grow big like papa." Luca began to twist his face in disgust and then I guess he thought about it a minute when he agreed, "ok mama." Luca detests veggies, he would rather go hungry and weak than to eat them. Men!

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