Friday, July 8, 2011

Mudslide Mama

In the BC (Before Children) days, the word mudslide meant lying beside the pool in my cute little bikini, with my tight tummy and my perky little "girls" sipping on my favorite drink, a nice chocolaty mudslide. But today at the water park the word took on a whole new meaning when my son decided to make his own on the kiddie pool slide.

It all started in the wave pool when I happened to notice little "floaters" pass by my raft. I recognized them right away and immediately scooped up my baby girl off to the restroom. To my surprise, her swim diaper was clear but I couldn't shake the thought of how familiar those little water pebbles seemed. So I blamed it on her anyway and in the meantime the entire wave pool was shut down for de-contamination.  

So no harm done and most importantly no one suspected a thing, besides there were several babies in the pool, all could be suspects...and we headed off to the kiddie pool.

Just as I am lounging back in the water, my potty trained prince decided to take his first ride on the kiddie slide. Clapping and cheering him on, I was too excited to notice the tiny brown stream that began to run down the slide as he sat down. And thats when it happened, he plunked down on the slide and out came the most horrifying sight for a sweet baby boy was pooping at the top of the the slide.

Mothers began to frantically rip their babies out of the pool running for high ground. There was no other choice, Luca had to slide into the pool and I had to pull him out before it turned catastrophic. But I wasn't fast enough and the water was no longer safe for swimming. Off went the whistle...everyone out of the pool..

Mothers glared at me and even made comments. I was the most unpopular mom in the entire water park...I was the mom who let her baby poop in the pool.

I somehow managed the Walk of Shame to the restroom and performed a clean-up miracle but I wasn't able to wash off the shame and blame from all the other water park mommies. I was now Mudslide Mama...

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