Thursday, December 15, 2011

What happened to real women modeling bras?

 Man lands campaign modelling push up bras for Dutch retail chain!

Not sure if much of the rest of the world has seen this ad yet, but in Amsterdam it's big news. Well not shocking news, just regular Man Models Push Up for a Dutch store (equivalent to Family Dollar in America) kinda news.

First of all, could you imagine, a man in bra ads for Family Dollar? No way. But that's not what bothers me about this ad. No, and it doesn't bother me that a man is so beautiful he can model as a woman. No, what bothers me is that they are moving further away from portraying real women in advertisements. Real women like me, without a penis, of course, and with breasts down to the floor from hours of breastfeeding, in need of some serious pushing up.

That's when I would buy a bra from them. If they could show me a real woman in this bra holding up her tons-of-once-fun without her face twisted in pain and not wrapped around her neck, then I am first in line at the register.

Of course smaller chested women need these bras just like us big girls, but if I were less endowed I would be offended too. If I had a small chest I would be offended they portrayed a smaller chested gal with a male, who has no breasts and had to use chicken breasts to re-create!

Oh well, I buy my push ups in America anyway, ha, where they use real women in ads! Skinny and unrealistic, but they dont have a penis!

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