Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The poop doesn't fall far from the tree..

I know I am always writing about poop. Whether it's poop in the pants, a poop smelling house, poop on the floor or poop on my stoop...I could go on forever and relate just about everything in my life, since becoming a mother, to poop. I can not escape, matter of fact, yesterday I opened the dryer door and out popped a mummified piece of poop (my son hid is poop pants in the towel wash).

So when I get released from my cage into the world, the last thing I want to see is poop. But I can not escape it. Not even on a leisurely stroll through my hood because it seems the trees have started pooping.

I know its a crappy photo (literally) but if you look closely you can see all the brown logs lying under the tree. Maybe the tree poops, who knows, its Amsterdam. But more than likely its some lazy dog owner letting their dog poop in this small square of nature in my nice neighborhood. And I suspect its the same dog because the logs are all the same size. Sick, I know.

Nothing angers me more than this lack of respect for the beautiful old city and fellow neighbors. Of course there are fines here, but who is gonna enforce them. I know I have said it before, but seriously, what would people do if I start letting my kids poop under every tree in the neighborhood? Maybe I should try it one time...the neighbor just freaked when my son simply peed in the front bushes (he couldn't make it inside). Better yet I should stalk all the medium-large size dog owners for their address and leave poopy diapers on their door steps...or under the trees in front of their house...I know, I have lost it...must be all the methane fumes!


  1. My friend turned me on to your blog and I am officially dedicated :) I'm a US mama married to a Dutchie here in the lowlands. We have the same problem in the city of Utrecht & it makes me crazy. Maybe if we all start letting our kids poo on the sidewalks...

    1. Hi Kerry, thanks for checking out my blog! Yes what if all moms started letting kids poo on the sidewalks and in front of their doors!! Or we can just leave stinky diapers all over the sidewalks! Im sure we would get fined!


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