Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't plug me in!

If this is the future, I need to put my kids on a strict diet! A few months ago I noticed these electricity charging outlets being installed in several places in our neighborhood. I thought they must be for Scooters or some type of motorcycle. I guess I'm revealing my Going Green ignorance, but I never expected them to be for charging Smart cars.

I assume these cars have lower energy costs, blah, blah. But only the single people and childless couples (who have lots of money anyway because they don't have extra mouths to feed and Butts to diaper) can use these money/energy savers for their transportation. If my family crawled out of this car, we would look like a cheap circus act trying to get in and out. And imagine trying to get all the kids paraphernalia in this thing. The diaper bag wouldn't even fit! I would then have to tape the duct diapers, wipees and toys to the roof of the car.

No thank you! I will keep my gas guzzling soccer-mom-mobile and continue to be broke as hell at the end of the month. Or they can add a Smart covered trailer to hook on the back to pull the kids in and call it the Smart Family deluxe! Then I will plug in!

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