Monday, March 26, 2012

Mama is an addict

Mama and Babies first visit to Amsterdam's Apple store's grand opening.
Hello, my name is Catina and I am an addict. I am addicted to Apple products. No not the ones you eat otherwise I wouldnt be shaped like an apple. I am addicted to the pretty white, shiny ones that have cool apps and keep me connected to The World of Adults.

I will never forget the day this past summer when my addiction first began. I held the little white i-phone in my hand, stroking tenderly the screen and not yet aware of the magic that was inside. I first downloaded the Facebook application and it went crazy from there.

I was connected to a world other than wiping butts and snotty noses. I was once again part of the real world, The World of Adults. I was free at last.

And then my bubble was burst...a fellow Mama i-phone Owner said to me (after I was bragging how much it had changed my life) how she had an addiction and she was trying to stay off of hers. What! I thought, what blasphemy! There was nothing more wonderful than the i-phone. I held my little baby tight and vowed I would never let it go.

About six months later and a million times of constantly checking my email, Facebook or whatever the fad app of the week is, I realize I have an addiction. My friend was right...Mama is an addict! Being connected to The World of Adults is not always a good thing. I became crazy reading the Mommy sites, forums and groups (which talk about crazy people, these mommies! That's another blog post) I went bananas seeing who commented on my Facebook posts. I was tired. I was beaten. I barely had enough attention to give to my smelly, snot-nosed babies much less my pretty little baby Apple.

So I have decided it's time to break my addiction. I only allow myself to creep Facebook or surf the net three times a day on my phone, for a start. I will slowly ween myself off Apple like I did my kids from the bottle...Slowly, taking one day at a time, and maybe finding a substitute, like my i-pad (just kidding, maybe not). I know there will be set-backs. I know the grueling path it will be, but I can do it.  I am going to control this addiction! One day I will be Apple free...ok well, not totally, I will always need to text message, call, check the weather, check the traffic...!


  1. Oh how I too love Apple! I'm itching to get the new iPad... but have a hard time justifying the purchase when we already have 3 iPhones and 2 MacBooks in the house right now!
    And yes, I'm addicted to checking my phone 100+ times a day just for a little update!

    1. Get the new ipad!!! we have the ipad2 and its GREAT!! Kids love to draw with it!!


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