Thursday, May 2, 2013

My last Queen's Day before I die

Ok, maybe I might make it 30 more years when King W hands over his crown to Amalia, but I will be too busy travelling on my yacht around the world after retirement to worry about Queen's Day! Anyway, it was my 10th and quietest...all the peasants were home watching the crowning except me who sold homemade sandwiches in Vondelpark. Im on my Momcation right now in Spain and internet sucks so I can't caption pics until I return to reality next week!! So till then, Long Live the King!

The new King and Queen were even honored on cookie tins

Here you have some orange sprinkled royal mystery meat

Here is the Dutch diet staple: Royal potatos

The royal Coke Colas!

Even the balony grew in the shape of a royal crown

Here are my Dutchlings shopping in Vondelpark

This family danced and belly danced for their coins in Vondelpark

I gave these future break dancers 2 euros for their show. Amazing talent!

Unfortunate for us, this prodigy was just across from our sandwich stand

Here is Babby Daddy making homemade sanwiches and selling one to the King

Here are the Dutchlings trying to sell in Vondel park


  1. I am looking forward to you mothers day blog.
    During the celebration were people selling stuff like a yard sale on the sidewalk? I thougt that this was not done much over there or frowned upon. I have no idea why not but my cousin's are different and said they did not do that. Of course there is a language barrier on my part. I applaud you for all you do in my homeland that I know nothing much about

  2. Hi EB, yes the entire city turns into a huge yard sale. Its amazing. I am not sure it is done all over Holland but in alot of cities and villages there is a Vrij markt as they call it. You can sell anything! Its so much fun, you should try to get over here one King's Day and experience it.

  3. Hello I'm Indonesians. I always love visiting Holland not only because it is my favorite country, but also because I have been so many times that I feel no real pressure to do all of the tourist activities. Different things catch my eye on each trip, and I particularly enjoy wandering around the neighborhoods in Amsterdam, Leiden, Harlem, etc and taking self guided walking tours.

    1. I agree its such a great place to walk around, especially in the neighborhoods of Amsterdam, you never know what you will discover!


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