Monday, February 10, 2014

The day I became Julia Roberts

Every mama loves to get a little attention every once and a while, right?

Actually, I cant remember the last time I got so much attention as I did today when out shopping in the hood.

The kids and I set out for our usual Saturday afternoon errand run. Walking down the streets toward the shops I noticed this really Hot Guy walking towards us and he was looking at me!

I know I was shocked too! I don't remember a hot guy looking my way after 1999.

We actually made eye contact which is almost next to impossible with Dutch men. As we came closer, he was still staring and his gaze gave me a chill, thrill, both...

Wow, I thought, this was my day! 

We go into the first shop and we see my son's classmate and his mother. We chatted, made a play date for later in day and quickly went on our way.

And that's when we made it into the supermarket and my self confidence boiled over like a tea kettle.

The minute I walked in the door, people were checking me out. Holy shizzle sticks, I thought, i'm gonna wear this dress more often. And as I walked through the store people would stop and stare. Hmmm, this was too good to be true and suspicion set in.

It wasn't until I was paying for my groceries and the guy ahead of me kept turning around and staring. He even turned all the way around when I saw him just outside the supermarket door.

Ok, do I have a "kick me sign" on my back or was my hair standing straight up?

Something had to be wrong, as much as I would love to think I was getting all this attention because I was looking hot, I knew it couldn't be true.

HELLO...suddenly I remembered letting the kids put make-up on me that morning.I had forgotten to wash it off! I must have gotten busy with something else and forgot to take it off.

I grabbed the kids and we practically ran hone. I had to get to a mirror quick to see how bad the damage was...and trust me, IT WAS NOT PRETTY!

My eyelids were hot pink and my cheeks were streaked with deep blue eye-shadow. If that wasn't bad enough, the back of my hair was full of 20 or so hair-clips. I even made a bag lady look like a beauty queen. Oh and to make it worse I remembered we had bumped into Luca's friend's mother. She must have thought I had lost it!

So when she dropped her son off to play later in the day, I quickly explained what had happened. Thankfully she laughed and said she just thought I had gotten into an accident. 

An accident, ahhhh, I could only imagine what the other people must have thought! What about Hot Guy on the street? Actually, I was not gonna even try. Matter of fact, I will block it out after this blog post before Post Traumatic Stress disorder sets in. Lesson learned, always look in mirror before leaving home!

On the positive side, for those 20 minutes my self confidence hit an all-time high and for once I knew what it felt like to be Julia Roberts walking down the street in Pretty Woman!

Thanks kids!


  1. I'm sure you looked fabulous! Don't worry about it :)

    1. Yes according to my kids I looked fabulous, so i guess no one else's opinion matters. This past weekend, they wanted to do it again, but I wasn't ready! hahaha


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