Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wrinkle free...

I just have to say it and get it over with, and face the fact I am losing it. I was so tired today that after taking a shower I smeared my super-duper face wrinkle reducer creme all over my body. Yes, instead of picking up the bottle of body lotion, I just kept on smearing, all over, from my face to my toes. Q10 was in places that I am sure it was never tested. I just kept on rubbing until my entire body was saturated.

But, this was not the bad part. The bad part was that I did not realize it until I was sitting in the sun later in the afternoon and my entire body began to sizzle. No, not sunburn, sizzle. I felt like a fried steak in the frying pan. Of course the creme has sunscreen but maybe its not suppose to work work on certain body parts. My feet looked like cherry tomatoes and my newly shaved legs (which doesn't happen often) were covered with red stripes.

At first, I thought maybe my body was in shock from even being exposed to sunlight since we don't get much of it here. Yet, somewhere in the back of my cob-webbed mind the little hamster that runs the wheel in my brain began to playback my morning ritual. Yes, I did it, I used wrinkle reducer on every nook and cranny.

Thankfully, once I got out of the sun, the redness disappeared and my skin appeared to survive the trauma. But maybe it's an idea to put a warning label on products from now on: Caution sleep deprived mothers, use at own risk!

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