Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mama will protect you...from the Muppet

I just read the most disturbing thing, Sesame Street is going to introduce a hungry Muppet. A muppet whose family has food challenges. Food challenges...on Sesame Street. When I was a kid I loved watching the show because it was so far away from reality with its furry creatures and funny screwball ways to learn my ABC's. I loved the innocence and maybe I am a bit naive, but I want the same for my kids.

I agree with the concept and fully support the idea that kids should be made aware of these things, but is Sesame Street really the place. Sesame Street creates a safe warm and fuzzy place for kids and introducing this topic to a 3 year old will cause the warm fuzzies to maybe become anxiety. Why can't we just let kids be kids and not put so much pressure on them to be good citizens and the perfect human being.

 Why cant they just learn to count how many cookies Cookie Monster eats and that the letter P is for Potato and not poverty?

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