Monday, January 9, 2012

Where's the Fruity Peebles?

The Dr Oz show just began to air here in Holland for the first time and I finally got a chance to check it out. Besides the show constantly making me want to vomit, I realized how unhealthy the supermarkets can be in America. Here in Holland, unless you have ALOT of money to spend on your groceries and can shop at the higher priced supermarkets and buy the fancy pre-made foods, microwave meals and other American junk food, you pretty much make all meals from scratch with fresh veggies and meat. For my family, its cheaper to eat fresh fruits and veggies than to eat the easy made and American type products here. The only downside is that you have to go to the supermarket either every day or every few days because the products don't stay as fresh here for as long as they do in the states (and my fridge is the size of a high school locker). A great illustration of this is the above photo. This is the cereal section in the cheap supermarket. You can see some American cereals of course. But this is it. This is the selection. So you can imagine why my Baby's Daddy was amazed at the supermarket at Super Wal-Mart when picking out a cereal! The photo to the right is the cereal section of the ridiculously cheap supermarket that we shop at in the ghetto. There you only have maybe 4 types of cereal and that includes cream of wheat (that you have to cook). Sometimes when I am homesick I will go to the American shop and buy a $10 box of Fruity Peebles or Frosted Mini-wheats! And I eat the entire box in 2 days!!!


  1. All that sugary cereal is so unhealthy and really the last thing you want to feed your child for breakfast. I'm happy we don't have that junk here and that I grew up eating sandwiches for breakfast!

  2. Me too Angel! My kids don't even like the cereal when I do buy it. They prefer boterhams too. I prefer cooking up some quick oatmeal or Brinta!!

  3. So true Catina! I also noticed that nothing stayed fresh for a long time in Holland but thats a huge PLUS!

  4. Frosted Mini-wheats are available in some European countries under the brand 'toppas', you could order them e.g. via amazon

    1. Ahhh thanks! Im actually going to Germany next week, so I will have to stock up! Thanks


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