Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Mama race

Well Bruce is doing OK in his child rearing race, wonder how MLR is?
I remember all the moments when I was preggers, rubbing my belly and dreaming about being a mother to my precious babies. I remember imagining moments with them like strolling through the park, cuddling and snuggling...ahhh, a life full of nothing but little giggles and pure bliss.

But no one ever discusses that besides these magical moments, raising a child would be like driving a car without wind shield wipers or brakes, through a hurricane on a highway...and everyone is passing you by, you are trying so hard to just get to the next place to stop safely...but you can't stop. I never in a million years ever thought about all the challenges I would face once my sweet babies developed communication skills and became real people.

Fast-forward and here I am...struggling in a world where my almost 5 year old poops in his pants all day and my 3 year old thinks she is a boy and refuses to wear clothes unless they are "boyish" and pink. I spend my days on "skid-mark underwear" patrol and trying to convince my daughter to get dressed. Just another phase of challenges and of course "they too shall pass".

By now, I have learned this is a mother's saving grace. Life goes on and eventually solutions are found. It's just getting to these solutions that wear on my patience and sometimes I feel like I am running the Mama race to find them but my legs (unshaven of course) are duct-taped together and I have to pee terribly. AND you are watching all the other perfect (hair brushed, shaved legs and painted nails) mothers in the race pass you by with smiles on their faces, while you are getting no where. Your kid doesn't listen no matter what tactic you try and you feel like the biggest failure in the world.

Of course special moments with my babies are battery re-chargers and overall I enjoy every moment, I know time will fly-by and I soon will be attending their high school graduation. My only goal is to get to that point without screwing them up too badly and hopefully, they will end up happy people...but right now, my greatest achievement would be for them to finally learn how to sh#t in a toilet!


  1. Time will pass....C's in his last year at Junior school and has his own house key!
    Sh#t and pee in some form or another seem to remain high the 'problem' lists of most parents (why do boys not lift the toilet seat and why are they incapable of pulling the chain?) - maybe that's why they remain 'problems' for so long!!

    1. Hey Jane! I cant believe C is so grown up! I do remember when one of your kiddies had nitetime issues. I guess thats my next step!! miss you, lets have lunch soon!!!

  2. This one made me laugh out loud! My son fortunately uses the toilet but misses enough to make the room smell like a corner in the subway station. I'm not allowed to stay in the toilet but am beckoned when it's time for me to be the servant and wipe his a**. My daughter knows darn well when she is pooping and even announces it but will only do it in her diaper. This morning while changing her, I got crap under my (painted) fingernails:-) I listen to that Trace Adkins song "You're gonna miss this" when I lose patience, and then I cry because they will soon grow up and not be around.

    1. hello, i will have to find that song on YouTube so I can also cry! I laughed my butt off when I read you had poop under your nails!! The same happened to me today and i cut them all off to the skin. Good luck with your daughter! I tried to potty train a few weeks ago when she pooped and peed all over my moms white carpet repeatedly! ok going to YouTube now!!!


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