Thursday, March 7, 2013

Little girls are evil

The mountain of Charly's golden locks!

Little girls are evil! And I can't believe no one told me! And all this time I thought my son was the trouble maker and my sweet baby girl was the one that wore the halo!

Wow, was my bubble burst last week during the school holidays. Yet, it all started a week earlier when my sweet princess asked me repeatedly if she could go to the "kapper" (Dutch for hairdresser). I said "No", because Baby Daddy had forbidden me to cut her hair until it grew long.

Billy Ray Cyrus

So last week during the holiday I was in the kitchen and I heard their cousin, who was over playing say "Luca don't cut Charly's hair."

I ran to the room and what did I find? My baby girl standing there, looking all victimized and half bald with a mullet in the back. She looked like a mini Billy Ray Cyrus in his "Achy Breaky Heart" days.

The Tiger Mama (the literal one) came out in me and all I could think was how dare he scalp my sugar dumpling? I carried him to my room where he got more than an earful.

He just sat there and let me lecture for God only knows how long. And my daughter, she just watched with tears in her eyes, devastated that her hair was gone.

But little did I know, things were a bit different than what I had perceived. You see, when Baby Daddy came home, he got the real scoop of how Luca became the Butcher and my daughter the evil three year old mullet wearing redneck!

Prior to Baby Daddy's investigation, this is how I thought it went down :

Luca: Charly, I'm gonna cut off your Barbie's head if you don't let me cut your hair.

Charly: No, Luca I will do anything to save my dollies head. I will even sacrifice my own beautiful, long golden hair.

Luca: Don't scream for Mama or I will take these scissors and cut up your Dora shirt.

Charly: Ok, Luca do what you must do...I will do anything for the love of Dora.

But this is really how it went down...

Luca: Look what Mama forgot to put up on the shelf, the forbidden scissors. Lets cut some paper.

Charly: Are you always gonna be such a snore?? Cut-up something fun, here cut up my hair. Mama won't take me to the hairdresser anyway. So why don't you cut it? I will be your best friend.

Luca: But no, Mama will get mad.

Charly: Show her who the boss really is in this house. Here (grabbing her bangs) start here.

Luca chops away...

Charly: Now Mama will have to take me to the hairdresser and I will get hot chocolate and a lollipop!

Charly manipulated her brother into cutting her hair.

The next day I made an appointment with the hairdresser to see if there was some miracle she could perform. We got inside and Charly was all smiles, almost singing because she was so happy she was finally going to sit in the special chair and get treats.

I told the hairdresser what had happened and she took one look at Charly's head and said "I am so sorry Charly, you will have to wait until your hair grows out, there is nothing I can do."

Charly was devastated, all of the manipulation and lying for nothing. We walked out and I couldn't help it, I had to rub it in. So I said, "Well Charly, if you had waited for the "kapper" to cut your hair then she would have given you treats like she gives your brother."

Big girls are evil too...especially when it comes to teaching life lessons!


  1. Too cute! Typical mistake for parents (and teachers).

    1. My eyes are wide open now! But I am sure I will make plenty other mistakes ha!


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