Friday, March 1, 2013

Takin' out the trash

Tired of taking out the trash? No need to stress, the trash container can come to you! I am not sure why, but when I walked out of my door this morning, this really excited me! And of course, I had a brilliant idea to save time and energy: I could just build up the trash on my balcony until all three balconies are full, or until the neighbors complain that the balcony smells like a giant diaper dump then have this guy swing over to my house (just across the street). And since Baby Daddy always conveniently forgets to take out the trash, I could save time not only lugging the trash down, but  hours I spend nagging!


  1. I've always been super jealous of people with trash shoots or incinerators!!!

  2. Me too! Sometimes I just wanna open the window and toss it out, but we are already trying to get rid of our redneck reputation in the hood!

  3. This could be the best idea ever :)

    1. If all the neighbors chipped in then it would probably be cheaper than paying the gemeente trash pick up!!


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