Sunday, March 29, 2020

Well that was week 2...

What a difference a week can make! I can not even list all the life lessons I have either tried, failed at or learned in the past week.

Week two was so different from week one! The first week I wasn't sleeping from anxiety, the kids were on a tight schedule and I was preparing for the apocalypse ordering gluten free food online. Every parenting site and group repeated over and over, keep the kids on a schedule, it's so important.

And that is I did the first week! We had our day planned out like a military boot camp. I woke them early, they went to "school" online then followed by chores and pre-lunch outdoor time. They got dressed in new clothes every day, brushed their hair and showered. It was like nothing had changed from normal life, except we were stuck inside for most of the day.

By Friday I WAS EXHAUSTED! Not to mention, I wasn't able to get much work done at my full time job that pays the bills. I spend the entire week being the family police officer. The kids were also exhausted and couldn't wait for the weekend so the could "relax".

Over the weekend I began to stress about Monday and the cycle of our quarantined life. Monday came like a tornado through a box of matches.

We were a mess. The kids were stressed as much as I was just at the thought of facing another week like we had in week one. We were snapping at another and you could cut the negativity in the house with a knife.

I was coming apart at the seams and at that moment I had my daily call with my manager (who is also a mother) and she asked me how I was doing. I told her I was barely hanging on and she listened. She told me not to let work stress me out but to focus on my family. That was the most important thing at the moment.

Then she said something that would change everything for me: She said this whole thing with COVID-19 was a MARATHON! A marathon, so we needed to take it easy on ourselves so we can make it to the finish.

And that was what I needed to hear...

After that conversation, I gave not only myself but also my kids a break. By the end of the week, I was letting them sleep later, stay in their PJs as long as they wanted and who cares if they brushed their hair (as long as they brushed their teeth).

It was a stark contrast from week one, but it was a change that made all the difference for our family. I'm not only more positive and enjoying this time, but so are the kids. We see all the good things coming from this situation and the way people are taking care of each other.

This weekend they are relaxed and looking forward to each day again. We agreed that even though week two was great that we would have a "Loose" schedule in week three. And they will be paid "mama and papa dollars" for their chores (I've set up a little store in my bedroom where they can buy things with their earned dollars.)

So come on week three! We are ready!

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