Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The biggest mama cliche

Our KnutselMuur or craft wall in the dining/living room
I was getting my daily dose of celebrity gossip today and I read somewhere that Charlize Theron can't remember what life was like before motherhood. I guess she has recently adopted a little boy and now her life is complete, blah blah.

It really irritates me when mommies use these cliches. I am sure it could be true for some, but come on, be real, of course life doesn't begin when you have kids. Hopefully you had a life before kids. Hopefully you have lived and gained valuable experiences that you can share with your kids.

So I honestly asked myself the question (as I climbed down from my soap box): Do I remember what life was like before motherhood? Heck yeah I remember:
  • Lying in bed until I felt like getting up
  • Making last minute plans to meet my girlfriends
  • Having girlfriends and having plans
  • My waist and having to wear a belt to hold my pants up
  • Wearing normal pants and not having to wear yoga pants and circus tents
  • Brushing my hair
  • Shaving my legs
  • Painted toenails (being able to see my toenails!)
  • Hangovers
  •  Money
  • Yelling "shit" when I stub my toe
  • Not having to give a narration of my bowl movements
  • Taking a shower alone (or better yet taking a shower with just Baby Daddy, but thats how we got snot noses in first place so maybe not good idea)
  • Watching TV/Movies that would make Walt Disney blush
  • Reading, Reading, Reading (books that would make Seuss "Hop on Pop")
  • Conversations about politics, movies,and other superficial things
  • Ahhhh, being superficial!
  • Fertility problems and the fear of never having snot noses
  • The life long dream to have a family
  • The hole in my life until I pooped out the first snot nose


  1. Hmmm..sorry, have to agree with Charlize ;) I feel the same way, too. Doesn't mean I don't think fondly about Life Before, but I guess after waiting and struggling so many years to have a family and barely surviving the adoption process 2 times, all of those things are a bit harder to remember.

    1. Hi Kerry, I had major fertility problems and was told i would never have babies. So the last years of my Life Before were difficult so i totally understand you : ) But i still long for a weekend just lying around : )


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