Friday, September 6, 2013

Why does my 4 year old wanna dress like a hooker?

Why does my daughter insist in dressing like a hoochie mama?

It's not because I don't pick out perfectly respectable clothing for her every morning. Matter of fact, most mornings I even dress her myself.

Yet when I am locked away showering she changes her clothes and morphs into this hoochie mama 4 year old with shorts on so short you can see her My Little Pony running across her butt.

So is this why she wants to dress like a pole dancer to go to school? Or am I overreacting and actually shorts that go so far up where the sun don't shine are so comfortable?

I know what you are thinking, then why do I buy her such clothes? But I don't, she actually found an old bag of summer clothes that are size 18 months. Hello, she is 48 months! That's like 30 months too small.

For the last three weeks going to school has been a nightmare. I get out of the shower, flip my lid and she whines and begs to dress like "Daisy Duke gone wrong". I won't even mention the belly shirts she puts on from that bag.

Stupid me made the mistake of making a rule that Fridays are Kids-get-wear-whatever-they-want Day. For the last 3 Fridays my daughter looks like one of those little girls from Tots and Tiaras and I look like the world's worst mother. But she is happy and especially excited because also on Fridays she gets to go to after-school care with her "friend" Dan from class.

I'm not sure, but I am sure of one thing: I can not wait for colder weather  Maybe then my sweet little Hello Kitty wearing four year old will come back. Thank goodness I will be an old fart and half blind by the time she reaches puberty!


  1. Oh my, I would hate that! I'm even trying to get over my 4 year old's 'pink phase'. If I even have troubles coping with all the bright pink, I don't think I would survive a short shorts phase...

    1. Thank goodness she is out of the Hooker Phase now...but she has entered the Pink Phase...ouch!


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